DoubleClick Tangos with European Rich Media Company


Online advertising company DoubleClick has purchased Tangozebra, a European rich media and digital marketing services provider, formerly owned by the Media Square marketing network.

Tangozebra’s services cover everything from podcasting and in-game advertising to creative services and campaign research. “Tangozebra has an excellent reputation for rich media, innovation, and emerging technologies,” said DoubleClick International president Ben Regensburger in a statement. “Combining the best of both companies will yield significant benefits to clients in terms of being at the edge of what can be done in digital advertising today. Tangozebra’s passion for everything digital has made them a well-respected thought leader with a strong track record for making the ‘impossible idea’ an exciting advertising campaign that works.”

DoubleClick will be merging its European operations with that of Tangozebra, in the process consolidating Tango’s TABS rich media system and DoubleClick’s DART advertising platform. The company says the merger will not disrupt access to either service. The acquisition will also give DoubleClick a head start in monetizing emerging technologies like in-stream, in-game and podcast advertising through both technology and creative services. Meanwhile, it gives Tangozebra a broader means of deploying its newly researched technologies.


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