ContextWeb Pricing Model Offering Guaranteed CPM Rates


Ad network ContextWeb has deployed a new pricing model that lets publishers set their own guaranteed CPM rate. With the previous model, advertisers ran campaigns blind, and were only able to control pricing while the ad networks decided what percentage to send along to the publisher.

While ContextWeb’s new “Open PO” system has already been running on several top performing websites like the Boston Herald and Weather Underground, the company has now opened that system up to any website that generates more than 10 million impressions per month.

“Advertisers and publishers both need the ability to control pricing—it is high time advertising networks begin to shoulder the risk of making the right match between buyer and seller instead of pushing this risk off onto the web publishing community,” said ContextWeb CEO Anand Subramanian in a statement. “The voice of the publisher should matter—when advertisers set their own price why can’t the publishers?”

ContextWeb says its new system will let publishers sell an unlimited amount of media at the CPM they designate. That, coupled with the ContextAd contextual system that can adapt to each individual web page, could effectively give ContextWeb a much more potent offering than the old system.


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