Bango Unveils Bango 2Go


Bango has introduced a new service to the mobile marketplace today. The new service called Bango 2Go, services brands and content providers in a cost-effective manner, allowing them to infiltrate the mobile web.

With this new groundbreaking service, access to creating a presence online can be attained by brands and providers of all calibers, with the offering of mobile website building, hosting, traffic generation, monitoring and a global payment service.
“Brands recognize the power and reach of the mobile web but have had trouble navigating the complex landscape of the mobile world. With Bango 2Go brands are up-and-running in just one step,” said Ray Anderson, CEO of Bango, in a statement.

By visiting the Bango website and signing onto the service, businesses can begin to take advantage of the previous benefits. Meanwhile, Bango’s partners are responsible for building and hosting the mobile websites. Through partnerships, traffic is generated; Bango Vision allows the website’s activity to be monitored, and a mobile payment solution is also provided for brands looking to monetize their mobile traffic.

News Corporation, World Wrestling Entertainment, Discovery Mobile and MTV are among the top-tier clients that have used Bango’s services.


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