AP Expands Video Platform With Microsoft


The Associated Press has built a new video platform with Microsoft to let newspapers, broadcasters, and other news partners upload and monetize their video content.

The AP’s platform was also designed by Microsoft, and is based on a platform Microsoft uses for MSNBC. The new system, however, will be exclusive to the AP. “Network affiliates will be able to upload their own local content,” AP director of product management Jim Kathman told ZDNet. “They may want to complement a local news story, perhaps, like local high school sports. They will also have the option of selling local ads against it.”

News partners will be able to sort their videos into customizable categories alongside the traditional news categories like “World,” US,” and “Science and Tech,” an advantage for niche publishers who may not conform to a standard news model, Kathman added.

The new video platform will be more streamlined. With the release of a new auto-encoding feature about two months after the new system launches, affiliates will no longer need to upload separate versions of their videos to play through the Mozilla Firefox browser and the Apple Macintosh. The system is currently being tested by 30 organizations including the Miami Herald and the Houston Chronicle. According to the video blog Beet.tv, the new platform will launch in about a month.


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