AOL Managing NBC-News Corp Video Ads


AOL’s division will be managing advertising for the new online video venture between NBC Universal and MySpace owner News Corp. NBC and News Corp are set to launch one of the largest internet video networks ever conceived, featuring TV content from more than a dozen networks like News Corp’s Fox, NBC as well as movie studios Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox. will handle all of the display and video advertising for the network’s website and the embedded video player that will appear on the sites of distribution partners like MySpace, MSN, Yahoo and AOL’s own site.’s Lightningcast platform will manage the video ads.

The network, which has not yet been named, will “provide advertisers with an online opportunity on par with the best in television and movie advertising,” said president Lynda Clarizio in a statement. Neither NBC nor News Corp have announced any plans to include user created content.

Revenue from ad sales will be shared by NBC, News Corp and distribution partners. Ad inventory not sold by the sales team assigned to the video network will be monetized directly from’s catalog.


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