AOL Launches Multimedia Ads via Pointroll


AOL announced that it has partnered with rich media ad provider PointRoll to introduce several new types of interactive advertising that include audio and video.

Under the two year deal, AOL will be known as PointRoll’s “preferred portal partner.” AOL will be able to use several new PointRoll ad formats exclusively, including PointRoll’s roll-in banner ad for streaming video. PointRoll will also be offering AOL a dedicated rich media ad development team.

According to Nielsen, PointRoll, a property of the Gannett media company, controls 60% of the rich media services industry. “We listen closely to our marketing partners, and we know that advertisers want a choice of best-in-breed solutions to reach consumers with a wide range of traditional and rich media formats,” said Kathleen Kayse, AOL’s SVP of sales and alliances in a statement. “We’re proud to partner with a leader in the rich media space and look forward to continuing to meet our advertisers’ needs in the expanding multimedia world.”

AOL and PointRoll have worked together since at least 2003. PointRoll technology, which uses Flash for all its banners, powers a large portion of AOL’s rich media ad banner properties.


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