AKQA Gives Star Wars Makeover to Postal Service


This week, interactive agency AKQA unveiled its Star Wars redesign of USPS.com. The initiative is a part of marketing efforts for the new Star Wars stamps, which commemorate the 30th anniversary of the mega-franchise.

The promotion includes a full homepage that features a Star Wars skin that changes upon each visit. Users will also be able to choose their own skins or turn off the feature entirely. Star Wars stamps, envelopes, sweepstakes, stamp voting, and other promotional features will be highlighted throughout the page. .

“”We created a Star Wars promo component which contains its own navigation for easy display of all of the campaign offerings. This also enabled us to include more offerings such as free desktop wallpapers of the Star Wars Express Mail envelopes for download,”” said Jason Whiting, Managing Director of AKQA DC, in a statement.
For the first time, the USPS has used Flash, which was displayed March 16th on a teaser promotion that featured a R2D2 scrolled across the site.

“This is the first time that a promotion has been done to this scale on the USPS.com. The viral nature of this promotion will bring in new visitors to our usps.com website,”” added Anita Bizzotto, CMO at USPS. Additionally, as an offline tie-in, the USPS also deployed 400 official postal service mailboxes disguised as R2D2.

AKQA, meanwhile is also working on revamping the entire USPS.com website among other creative and technical issues. The Star Wars campaign will run through April 7th.


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