TNS Acquires Cymfony


Research firm Cymfony announced today that it has been sold to TNS Media Intelligence. Cymfony was represented by the Jordan, Edmiston group, Inc., a NY media investment banking firm that acted as the company’s exclusive financial advisor.

Cymfony’s model rests on helping organizations organizations understand consumer behavior via traditional and social media research and analysis. Through monitoring, measuring and analyzing consumer-generated and traditional media, Cymfony, based in Boston, has assisted companies since its formation in 1996. Cymfony has also worked with government intelligence, marketing, research and public relations firms with text technology.

TNS MI’s suite of advertising and intelligence products will now integrate with the tracking and analyzing abilities of Cymfony.

In a press statement, Cymfony CEO Andrew Bernstein said, “As part of TNS MI, Cymfony gains tremendous advantages to extend our position as a leader by rapidly growing our client base, expanding our offerings and jointly creating and delivering new products. We are now connecting the dots between all media. As marketers increase their activities in the emerging social media channel, they will have an integrated partner to turn to for guidance and insight analyzed within the context of the entire marketing landscape with TNS MI.”

TNS MI has a presence in over 23 countries with more than 16,000 customers, according to the release.


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