The Advertising Mindshare: How to Leverage Your Advertising Know-How in Online/Offline Realms


While driving up and down the PA turnpike over the past few weeks I’ve noticed something…We as an ad industry are still not sharing ad space. Meaning, where are the website names on the billboards? Taking a count on Wednesday, I noticed 20 billboards and only two of the billboards had websites listed on them.

At this point I realized, we are still not sharing ad space and we should be. Being part of an ad agency, I believe in utilizing all types of media and combining them. After all, there is one main goal all clients want…MONEY! The client wants the money to come in at least one of three ways: Leads, visitors and sales.

Below is a list of all the different types of separate media (sorry if I miss a few) a client can choose from and it’s our job to show them how to make good use of their money and ad space:

– Television- commercials, infomercials
– Radio — online and traditional
– Print- magazines, newspapers, flyers, circulars, direct mail
– Outdoor advertising — billboards, mobile billboards
– Online ads — banners, rich media
– Email marketing
– Search words-Pay Per Click
– Pay-Per-Call
– Mobile — Cell phones, Ipods
– Podcasts
– Blogs
– Websites
– Affiliate Networks

To start, having a website is a must; if a client has something to sell then they definitely hear “Do you have a website?” The answer should always be “Yes.”

Once the website is in place, they are ready to move forward. If your client says I only want magazine ads, then by all means set them up with magazine ads and make sure to make enough room to add the website, it doesn’t take much room and won’t take away from the ad itself. This way the client gets two ways to achieve their goal, Money!

I know this seems a little obvious to the bigger agencies reading this, but to other readers this may be something they have not realized they can do with their ads.

If you are a traditional media ad agency, and don’t want to spend the time hiring, then find a few online ad agencies to outsource your online work; be sure to include the online agency in client meetings and reassure the creative teams, that their creativity will not be over-powered by adding a url to the ads. Same goes for online agencies, make an effort to reach out to traditional media agencies, let them know you are out there to help them and work with them if your online client wants direct mail, billboards, etc.


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