The Advertising Mindshare: How to Leverage Your Advertising Know-How in Online/Offline Realms


I know from experience of sitting in meetings where the creative teams yell that there is not enough room to include a URL, or the person who works on the website is missing from the meeting. Everyone needs to be included to come up with a concept that will work across all forms of media. It is possible to make it work; take a look at ad campaigns such as New York & Company. Their campaign stretched across magazines, direct mail, website and email marketing. Staples and Office Max send out direct mail specials through email marketing and in-store specials. Each piece drives traffic to create a sale whether in-store or online.

If your client has a radio ad campaign, then check out online radio in the same market, usually the same stations you are featured on will have online radio. Online radio spots are much shorter and cheaper. Get a few search keywords in the mix, because if people read or listen to an ad and can’t remember the store or brand name, they will search for the words or product they remember…this is a good way to catch the on-the-go people. Once the on-the-go people get a chance to sit in front of a computer, they will quickly Google what they remember, so make sure your client can be found.

If you are a client or potential client of an agency, go in armed. Say, this is how much I have to spend on advertising; I would like to try xyz media options and make sure my web url is listed on every piece of advertising from business cards to billboards. It is well worth making that demand, because the more traffic you drive to your website and stores the more MONEY! You will make. Don’t let any agency talk you out of placing your web address on your media, after all you are the client and we are here to make your money work for you.

In the near future I look forward to reading more URLs on billboards to make my drive on the PA turnpike more exciting, along with seeing more URLs on TV commercials so I have something more look at on the small-screen.



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