Study: Online Video Search Deemed “Frustrating”, “Inconsistent”


A new nationwide online study conducted by market researcher Synovate for Clipblast! shows that Americans have trouble locating specific videos online. Mainly, 40 percent of those surveyed noted that online video searches are “frustrating” or “inconsistent.”

The sentiment came as a response to the question of what single thing users liked the least about online video. The survey, which was conducted in February, asked 1,000 Americans questions on website videos. One out of four called the process “frustrating” stating that “it’s too difficult for me to find exactly what I’m looking for,” or “inconsistent” commenting that “it’s too tough to find quality video productions.”

Thirty-two percent of respondents called web video “too commercial” and added that there “are too many video ads”, 16% of the group felt online videos to be chaotic with too many videos to filter through, and 12% said there is “too much user-generated content to wade through.”

Clipblast! CEO Gary Baker said in a statement, “Overall, while consumers have embraced online video, they’re concerned about the frequently daunting process of locating the videos they want to see. It’s a variation of the tree falling in the forest. It’s easy to find video online, but finding the right video — the video you want, when you want it — remains an obstacle for many. In fact, video search is both different and more difficult than text-based search. The lesson for our industry is that we must do a better job helping consumers understand those differences, and in developing powerful tools that enable consumers to search, browse and save the video content they care most about.”

Last year, similar findings were reported by Josh Bernoff of Forrester, who stated that “”online video content is exploding at an incredible rate… but finding what you want is hard.”


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