Special Ops Campaigns via E-card for “Black Snake Moan”


Interactive agency Special Ops Media has announced details for the “Get Loose Game,” “Chain or Be Chained” e-card, created for and around the March 2nd release of Black Snake Moan, a Paramount film starring Christina Ricci, Samuel L. Jackson and Justin Timberlake. For more timelier use, a Valentine’s Day card is another option for users, who can chose to “chain” or be “chained” by a friend.

With the ecards, users can personalize cards with gender choice, text, photos and send them over as greetings. In the “Get Loose Game”, users play Rae (Ricci) who us chained in Lazarus’ (Jackson) room. A series of items must be collected and assembled in a proper order so that the player or Rae can be freed. Users are offered a view from the eye of the main character in a Flash-instilled room. “SOM used situations in Black Snake Moan that can at times be challenging to watch in and created a game that was both true to the film and immediately engaging its potential audience,” said Bladimiar Norman, Director of Interactive Marketing for Paramount Vantage, in a statement.

The user is then able to fill out a personalized message that is displayed in conjunction with the official tagline and branded content. After the main animation ends, the visitor can create their own custom e-card, view the trailer, and send the animation to another friend.

Jason Klein, SOM’s President and co-CEO, added, “We are thrilled to continue our thriving relationship with Paramount Vantage after the success of An Inconvenient Truth. Black Snake Moan is the perfect inspiration for the types of irreverent content and marketing initiatives that often thrive online. We think this project demonstrates our deep commitment to creating and executing interactive campaigns that not only are addictive on their own, but also serve the marketing missions of the studios.”


  1. Wow, these people need to in touch with JELLYBARN, INC. They’ve created a widget called iBubble that would be capable of incorporating that whole ecard creator as a single theme, while allowing users to do so much more with the widget.



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