Shozu, Atlantic Records Renew Mobile Partnership


Shozu Inc., a provider of mobile media delivery tools, has joined with Atlantic Records to boost the label’s street marketing efforts. Announced today, the agreement will give several bands a Shozu-enabled camera phone. The phones provide one-click uploading of photos and video clips close to real-time. Material from the camera phones can then be uploaded onto fan-sites, artist websites, MySpace, and other popular networking websites.

Shozu’s services can be accessed by media companies and commercial users. Other services include the Share-it image upload service and ‘Zu-casts’, which is a partnering service that allows information to be delivered to a handset.

Atlantic Records has already enlisted the services Shozu in the past, when Shozu-enabled phones were used during the Chevrolet-sponsored YouTube New Years Eve Countdown. In turn, concert clips that included Gnarls Barkley, Panic! At the Disco and Paolo Nutini were sent to YouTube using the Shozu devices.

In a press statement, Livia Tortella, General Manager and EVP of Marketing and Creative Media, Atlantic Records, said “the New Year’s Eve Countdown was a milestone in mobile music promotion, but it was a one-time event. This agreement will enable our artists to share video and photos with their fans in a unique and more urgent way. In addition to providing bands the opportunity to deliver a steady stream of content to both phones and other online sources, it provides a framework for community.”

Access to performances, backstage events, rehearsals, warm-ups, pre-scripted skits, tour activities, bus scenes, day-in-the-life images and other activities will be able to be uploaded in the form of photos and video clips.

Jen Grenz, Global Partner Marketing Director for ShoZu added, “camera phones open up broad new opportunities to connect performers and fans, from uploading and downloading of promotional content to mobile advertising that can sell music, ringtones, wallpaper and concert tickets from the handset, but the main barrier to date has been ease of use.”


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