RealNetworks’ In-Game Streaming Ads Reach 4 Million


Today, RealNetworks announced that since June of 2006, more than 4 million gamers have downloaded streaming video and ad-enabled games from its website. One of the more notable figures in the release was that women over 30 comprised the majority of those ad viewers. RealNetworks’ in-game ad model, which boasts 10% click-through and 74% video completion rate, and is powered by Eyeblaster’s eb. in-game solution, boasts that the figures are more than twice the typical browser-based video ad metrics.

Eyeblaster claims it has yielded 40 million video ad impressions for top-tier advertisers, which has offered other alternatives aside from traditional mediums. In effect, the rich media provider claims revenue per downloaded game has increased by 300%.

Daniel Bernstein, CEO of Sandlot Games, states, “From the developer perspective, we have been quite impressed by the results after integrating this in-game advertising model into our games such as Cake Mania. We are seeing increases in download volume, user play time, and overall game revenues.”

On the other side of the spectrum, the announcement notes that gamers are also benefiting with features that weren’t previously available. Players get unlimited free games as opposed to the 60-minute time allotment that usually occurs. Ads are also disabled once players purchase a game, and if not, video ads appear every twenty minutes.


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