Pheedo Powers New Ad Platform


With the launch of its FeedPowered Ad platform, Pheedo is now allowing its marketing clientele to send text and video content via RSS to customers. Now, Pheedo’s advertisers can engage large amounts of customers with content, and levels of engagement can also be tracked with the new platform.

FeedPowered Ads will provide updated information in the form of a text, audio, or video format from any RSS feed within an on-site advertisement. Consumers can then subscribe to the RSS feed or choose options like Digg,, Reddit and others to provide feedback.

With FeedPowered Ads, publishers are no longer waiting for subscribers, as the latter group can be targeted through other outlets, and even spread the RSS information themselves. Through FeedPowered Ads, program ads are automatically updated as RSS feeds change.

In a press statement, Bill Flitter, founder and VP of marketing of Pheedo, says, “Marketers are always asking us how they can do more with RSS once they have created feeds, and FeedPowered Ads are the answer. FeedPowered Ads change the way marketers communicate with potential customers by putting consumers in control of how they want to interact with content.” Flitter continues, “We are in a world of fragmented media where customers demand control, and marketing products and strategies, such as FeedPowered Ads, that embrace this concept will prove to be the most successful. FeedPowered Ads give marketers and publishers a way to extend the reach of their content and leverage the power of RSS to move content easily around the web to engage new audiences and customers.”


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