Passenger Launches Brand Advocacy Tool for Fortune 500s


Passenger, a technology company that connects brands with consumers, has unveiled its new Customer Collaboration platform that aims to provide Fortune 500 companies with the ability to build private brand communities.

Among the various specific features, Passenger claims its new platform lets brands identify and collaborate with key customer segments, acquire a longitudinal view of customer attitudes and preferences, drive customer advocacy through ownership of ideas, analyze vital customer and competitive insight, and identify emerging market trends and discover new opportunities.

Andrew Leary, CEO and co-founder of Passenger, said in a statement, “At a time when consumers are actively avoiding marketing messages, brands can no longer afford to underestimate the voice of their customers. “In fact, Passenger is the direct result of market innovators voicing their need to engage and activate customers.”

Brands like Coca-Cola, ABC Television and Sara Lee are already using the on-demand software platform to help understand changing consumer behavior, market trends, and tastes. Consumers on the other hand get to have their opinions and voices heard with Passenger as well since company’s can refine marketing strategies before launch.

Company’s can also use Passenger for internal communication purposes.


  1. I am wondering where “Passengers” website is? I can’t seem to find it…anywhere? Are they still in Beta? It would be helpful to have one if they are a technology company…Thanks!


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