MIVA Launches Vertical PPC Network


Online advertising company MIVA has launched its vertical PPC network, the MIVA Precision Network, into the US and UK markets in the hopes of generating better lea for MIVA advertisers.

The Precision Network is currently in beta and exists alongside MIVA’s existing Core Network. While the Core Network will provide broad ad distribution, the Precision Network will only focus on a few specific vertical categories.

Advertisers will be able to use a combination of both Core and Precision. “As the Pay-Per-Click market continues to mature, we believe there will be increasing demand amongst advertisers for both horizontal and vertical networks,” said MIVA CEO Peter Corrao in a statement. “The new Network is designed to provide lower volume, higher value leads to advertisers; while our Core Network will continue to provide a higher volume of leads at a lower cost.” US verticals covered by Precision includes 18 vertical markets, while UK coverage will start smaller with 5.

To promote the launch, MIVA is providing advertisers with a team of experts to help them determine the most effective ways to make use of the different categories. Both the new and old networks can be managed through MIVA’s AdCenter dashboard utility.


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