Lycos Mixes it Up with Community-Centric Video Site


Lycos has announced the launch of its MIX tool, which the company declares to be the next step in its watch & chat technology.

Lycos MIX will enable groups of individuals to obtain video clips from a variety of different sites throughout the Internet and lodge them into one playlist, which the company hopes will foster communities of people sharing the same interests within one destination. Accordingly, users will be able to respond to content on the website with their own content and video collaborations, which Lycos hopes differs from sites that only offer videos alone.

Brian Kalinowski, chief operating officer for Lycos, Inc. states, “Lycos MIX continues the evolution of community and video with a true Web 2.0 collaborative, contributory and interactive social viewing experience. Unlike social networking sites, each MIX is a collection of video clips where users socialize around content, not individual people or profiles, creating combinations of lasting content to share with others. With Lycos MIX, users can create an amalgamation of video content where others participate by viewing, commenting and adding more clips.”

The MIX account is free and users have the option of having a public account, which would allow any other user to add a video clip to the MIX playlist. For users who want a bit more privacy, private accounts can be established, where the user has complete control over what videos are added.

Other features of MIX, which is compatible with PC, MAC and all supported Web browsers, include a “MIX It” bookmarklet feature, allowing users to add videos from other sites to their “MIXes” without cutting or pasting URL’s, as well as a permanent comment and rating system that allows users to rate whole video mixes versus individual video content.


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