Internet TV Network Partners with Avenue A | Razorfish, 24/7 Real Media


Internet TV network SIVOO has partnered with online ad networks Avenue A | Razorfish, WebTrends, and 24/7 Real Media to help build out its business.

SIVOO specializes in US-centric multi-language content, with programs in English, Spanish, Chinese and Hindi.

“The SIVOO Internet TV Network offers a significant opportunity for advertisers as its on-demand multicultural programming serves some of the most attractive and connected demographics in the U.S. and allows ads to be targeted in either English or a native language,” said COO Chris Myers in a statement.

The company will be using Avenue A’s marketing to boost the visibility of the SIVOO web site and use its analytics to monitor site performance. WebTrends’ analytics will reveal user behavior patterns on the site, and 24/7’s Open AdStream 6 system will manage and deliver banner and streaming video ads.

“We’ve built a solid technology foundation and look forward to working with these leading advertisers to help them effectively target their campaigns on SIVOO through banner and streaming advertisements, among other formats,” added Myers.

SIVOO offers free streaming movies and TV programs, as well as pay-per-view on-demand videos in Windows Streaming Media format that can be viewed on PCs and mobile devices.


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