Greystripe Launches Self Service In-Game Mobile Ad Tool


From the 3GSM World Congress 2007 Tradeshow in Barcelona today, mobile in-game ad network Greystripe unveiled a new portal called the AdWRAP Marketplace, a globally useable ad purchasing tool that will create an opportunity for full-screen ads to be displayed within mobile games. The AdWRAP Marketplace portal is both self-service and bid-based.

Real-time reporting, worldwide targeting and streamlined ad production are additional features of the too. And along with the ability to manage campaigns comes a wizard that allows for different formats, click features, and targeting based on location.

Advertisers of all sizes and structures will be able to launch their own in-game ad campaigns within the Marketplace through a 5-step process that includes signing up on the Greystripe home page, creating your ad and choosing from 4 campaigns types (click-to-call, click-to browse, click-to-jump, and branding), setting your CPM bid with geo-targeting options, uploading your ad creative, and then closing the transaction through PayPal and credit card.

Jim Durrell, Greystripe’s Director of Product Management, said in a statement, “We have created an easy-to-use interface for advertisers to purchase ads and reach Greystripe’s worldwide mobile audience of gamers. The AdWRAP Marketplace’s full screen ad format is compelling because it delivers a high impact brand message to the mobile consumer. It’s like having a huge billboard in front of gamers delivered through a media channel that is inherently opt-in because gamers are getting the games for free. Advertisers have been quick to recognize the targeted and highly viral nature of this medium.”


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