DoubleClick Kicks Off Live Streaming Video Campaigns


Online marketing/technology company DoubleClick has released its new Live Streaming video advertising service, letting advertisers broadcast live events to users through embedded rich media ads.

Live Streaming hit the Internet on February 9th with a campaign for New Line Cinema’s upcoming Jim Carrey vehicle “The Number 23”, which coincidentally opens on the 23rd. In cooperation with Foglight Entertainment, New Line is holding 23 promotional events around the US. New Line broadcasted live “confessions” from attendees at an event in Washington D.C. Each confession was edited and played live on sites like AOL, Yahoo and MSN.

“New Line Cinema is on the cutting edge of video advertising. They are continually brainstorming with us in order to find new and innovative ways to promote The Number 23, and Live Streaming was the answer,” said Chris Young, DoubleClick’s VP of rich media, in a statement. “This is an exciting time for online video advertising, and marketers will continue to invest in more engaging elements, like Live Streaming, incorporated into online campaigns.”

Live Streaming was created at DoubleClick’s Innovation Lab, which it built after the acquisition of Klipmart in June 2006.

Live Streaming is available to all of DoubleClick’s ad, agency and publisher clients through its DART Motif rich media client. Advertisers can provide their own content or can work with DoubleClick to arrange live coverage and editing.


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