dMarc Founders Depart as Google Struggles to Sell Radio Ads


Last Friday, Google confirmed the departure of dMarc founders Chad and Ryan Steelberg. Google bought dMarc Broadcasting, a company that injects advertisements into terrestrial radio station programming, in early 2006 in an attempt to take its advertising system beyond the internet.

Google has not been able to sign a definitive deal with a major radio network like CBS Radio or Clear Channel. The Steelbergs, who founded dMarc in 2002, left over differences in sales methods and disappointment with dMarc’s compensation package, according to Media Post, since it depended heavily on dMarc’s performance.

Google is still committed to audio advertising, says a spokesperson in an interview with Media Post’s Online Media Daily. “Google is committed to the audio business. We will continue to gather feedback during the Audio Ads beta test, and are happy with the progress to date.”

Over the course of the acquisition, Google stripped out most of the existing dMarc ad insertion system and adapted it to use Google’s automated system. Google is focused on unsold inexpensive airtime. To date, dMarc has only partnered with about 700 individual radio stations.


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