MAKEs DIY Advertising a Reality


Video blogging site has created a new do-it-yourself advertising system for video bloggers that can promote anything from products and video blog-specific merchandise to commercial services and content partners.

The system lets video blog producers create their own ads, ensuring that the ad content matches up with the rest of the show, and include clickable links that can send the user directly to the advertiser’s website. The system is available through the standard sponsorship sales program and the open advertising marketplace.

The first video blog to use the new system, the MAKE Magazine do-it-yourself show, will run a MAKE-created ad after every show that contains clickable links directing viewers to purchase materials for the projects mentioned in the show from MAKE Magazine’s online store. MAKE also plans to use the ad system to promote MAKE events like the annual Maker Fair, a gathering of do-it-yourself enthusiasts that drew more than 20,000 MAKErs in 2006.

“This represents yet another major shift of power from the big-name networks and studios towards the content creators themselves,” said CEO Mike Hudack in a statement. “The ability for a show to turn a profit is central to’s mission, and ‘DIY promotion’ technology allows us to help an entirely new breed of shows make money from their hard work, creativity and often very substantial audiences.”


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