Offers Reference Tool to Publishers


Click any word and find out more. That’s the philosophy behind’s new tool aimed at bloggers and web publishers.

The new AnswerTips tool lets visitors double-click on any word in an enabled website and view a small AnswerTip bubble containing definitions, explanations, biographies, historical background, and any other bit of relevant information from the website. Instead of just linking to information on, the new tool provides the reference info right up front.

“It’s about immediate gratification for anyone reading your blog,” said Answers Corporation product management VP Gil Reich in a statement. “Readers get the information they want while remaining engaged in reading your content. Fewer distractions create a better experience on a website, and they save the writer time providing background information on subjects and terminology that his or her audience might be unfamiliar with.”

The tool can also decipher acronyms, show stock prices and biographical information. It can also determine a word’s meaning from the words surrounding it. For example, when the user double-clicks on the word “paris” it knows the difference between “Paris Hilton” as opposed to “plaster of paris.”

The database holds information on more than four million topics from 120 different reference sources.


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