ZEDO Tests Behavioral Targeting Tool


Online advertising company ZEDO has released its Profile and Behavioral Targeting service to help publishers serve advertising based on a user’s background, interests, and online behavior.

“Web 2.0 publishers are leaving a lot of money on the table by poorly utilizing data in user profiles,” said ZEDO founder Roy de Souza in a statement. “Our new system is the first of its kind and ensures visitors are served ads they actually want to see. This benefits users, publishers and advertisers.”

The system lets publishers target ads according to 1,000 customizable demographic and activity tags including age, gender, zip code, education and interests, with the targeted ads subsequently following the user around. For example, if a reads an article about cars, they will see corresponding auto ads relevant to their demographic, depending on their interest in SUV’s or luxury sedans. According to ZEDO, users are five times more likely to click on an ad that matches their interests than they are on a general ad served to a broad number of people.

The news system is currently in the testing phase, and will be available to all ZEDO customers later in January.


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