South Korean “Spam Queen” Arrested


No one knows how many people cursed the woman Kim Ha-Na, who filled South Korean email inboxes with trillions of spam messages in 2003 and 2004 touting financial services and online porn. But in a JT Leroy-style twist, after a two-month investigation, police made a break in the case and arrested a 21-year-old South Korean man, known only by his family name “Park”, as the prime offender.

“He was the creator of the notorious software responsible for several trillion spam e-mails under a female nickname ‘Kim Ha-Na’ since 2003,” confirmed detective Lee Young-Sil in an interview with the AFP.

Despite the Kim Ha-Na connection, Park, currently studying computer science in the city of Daegu, one of South Korea’s largest cities, was actually arrested for more recent activity. He and an accomplice were charged with hacking into 318 public and private computer servers and using them to collect personal data on more than 12,000 people, and to send nearly 1.6 billion emails in only the past four months.

But due to his connection to the “Kim Ha-Na” emails, South Korea’s largest newspaper, Chosun Ilbo, has dubbed Park the “the Queen of Spam.” If convicted, Park and his accomplice face up to three years in prison or the equivalent of $31,000 in fines.


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