PointRoll Releases Flash API


Rich media company PointRoll has released a new Flash API to standardize and simplify the deployment and creation of rich media advertising.

The PointRoll API will be distributed via the Macromedia Extension Package that can be installed through the Flash extension manager. Rich media ad designers using the PointRoll platform simply click to insert dynamic XML data, multimedia and ad tracking abilities. The API also supports PointRoll-specific features like activities, panel controls and clickTags.

“The PointRoll Flash API gives advertisers and agencies maximum creative flexibility,” said PointRoll CTO Keith Gelles in a statement.” The PointRoll Flash API instantly puts the power of PointRoll’s most popular functionality into the hands of our partner agencies for those who want to be more hands on in building rich media units, while minimizing code handling hurdles.”

The API lets ad designers control dynamic content, video quality, syncing between a/v content and non-a/v content, and it reduces the need to rely on code that only functions on certain versions of Flash.

Along with the API, PointRoll has also added support for Flash 8 tracking in IE and Firefox, simplified the PointRoll control panel, and enhanced support for video.



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