Pete Wellborn to Represent Richter Against MySpace


Media Breakaway, the company owned by former “Spam King” Scott Richter, has chosen Pete Wellborn of the law firm Wellborn & Wallace, to defend the company against a lawsuit filed by MySpace.

MySpace alleges that Media Breakaway gained access to private MySpace user accounts through phishing schemes and then used those compromised accounts to send unsolicited marketing messages to MySpace users.

“We are very pleased that Pete Wellborn has agreed to represent Scott Richter and Media Breakaway in the lawsuit filed by MySpace,” said Steve Richter, Scott Richter’s father and General Counsel for Media Breakaway in a statement. Wellborn, a practitioner of technology law, has represented ISPs and ecommerce companies since 1996.

“At this time, the only information we have regarding this lawsuit comes from MySpace’s press release earlier this week,” added Steve Richter. “We obviously deny the allegations made in the press release”

Scott Richter was ordered to pay $7 million in 2005 after a suit brought on by Microsoft and the New York Attorney General’s Office, forcing his previous email marketing company, OptInRealBig, into bankruptcy.

While the MySpace suit is a civil one, under the CAN-SPAM act of 2003, Scott Richter and Media Breakaway could still be faced with heavy fines or jail time.


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