Oxygen Enters Social Networking Fray


The female-oriented Oxygen Network is set to launch a new social networking website in order to market its new reality show, The Bad Girls Club. The website will be accessible by visiting BadGirlsClubonOxygen.com and will feature different types of information on the show, as well an instant chat feature and a webcam that will allow users to document their “bad girl” stories on the site.

Viewers will be able to rate all the stories posted by other users on a scale of one to ten, which goes from “cream puff” to “completely evil”. With this first time attempt at social networking, Oxygen fans will be able to connect with one another along with interacting with the television series.

“We know young women are tech savvy,” Cynthia Ashworth, senior vice president of marketing for Oxygen, said in a statement. “They are online. They are all over the MySpaces of world. We wanted to give them a place where they could connect in area of passion, which we believe will be this show.”

The actual cast of Bad Girls will also serve as members on the site during the 22-week run of the reality TV series. Accordingly, they’ll post blogs and other blurbs and clips directly from the show.

Oxygen has also taken it one step further by creating a MySpace page at MySpace.com/thebadgirlsclub and has also joined YouTube with videos and ad deals.


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