Opening the Mobile “Wow Window”: How Memorable Mobile Marketing Can Dazzle the Jaded Public


The “Wow Window” is still open for mobile. Rest assured, the Wow Window will close, maybe sooner than we expect. But for the time being, your ingenuity, when applied to mobile, can pay a real dividend. Your creativity may not give much of a lift to your company’s millionth formulaic email campaign, but when brainstorming ideas for mobile, creativity is still rewarded.

Let’s remember: The Charmin and Samsung promotions were both revved up by mobile (cameraphones for Charmin, and text messages for Samsung), but they didn’t operate in a vacuum. Neither of those campaigns was just mobile. Mobile played a supporting role as an enabler or an enhancer. The core idea still has to be ingenious, original, and well executed. Here are a few ideas to help you take some ordinary promotional ideas and rev them up with extraordinary mobile multipliers:

Ordinary: Your retail point-of-sale has cards asking for a consumer’s email address to you can capture their info and send them “special offers.”
Extraordinary: Let shoppers text in personalized messages to an in-store display so they can “shout out” to their friends. Reward them with an instant mobile coupon and request permission to text them other cool stuff.

Ordinary: For your online store, you reward a purchase with a free song download from ITunes or a similar online music store.
Extraordinary: Reward a customer’s purchase with a customized cellphone ringtone that uses their actual name. Better yet, have that ringtone recorded by a celebrity or a recognizable voice. Jessica Simpson inserted hundreds of common names into a recent hit single and allowed consumers to buy a “personalized” version of the song. You can use the same technology to create custom ringtones.

Ordinary: You have a nifty flash Website with some custom applications that encourages consumers to spend time with your brand.
Extraordinary: Create a branded mobile “advergame” that consumers can send to their phone with one or two clicks from your Website. And encourage them to share it with their friends. Those pre-loaded “Pong” games you get on your phone get tired fast, and most consumers are still looking for interesting things to do with their phones. If you offer a fun mobile gaming experience, chances are consumers will spend far more time engaging with your brand than they ever did on your Website.

Buying an interactive billboard in Times Square is almost guaranteed to turn heads, but you don’t need to bust your budget in the Big Apple. Ideas like these can help you apply the same mobile multipliers to let you take advantage of that “Wow Window” before it closes.


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