Omniture Invests in Danish


Business software company Omniture has purchased Denmark-based analytics company Instadia, giving a boost to its European operations.

“This expansion fits squarely into one of the tenets of our overall acquisition strategy and, we believe, makes Omniture the ideal choice for European companies looking to optimize their online business,” said Omniture CEO Josh James in a statement.

Instadia specializes in delivering web analytics on vertical industries to European clients. More than 200 businesses use the company’s ClientStep service in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and the UK.

The terms of the deal have been kept secret, but Omniture has promised to continue support of ClientStep and add to it Instadia’s web survey system. Omniture are also giving existing Instadia customers the option to switch to Omniture’s own web analytics service.

Omniture will reveal more about the service changes when it releases its fourth quarter 2006 financial report in early February.


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