MySpace Set to Launch in China, Mexico


In several months, MySpace is set to launch in Mexico, but that’s only half of Rupert Murdoch’s plan. The News Corp chief and company are also finalizing a deal that will launch their prized social networking site in China this year as well. For the Mexico launch, a test site has already gone live and the Spanish-language site will basically cater to Spanish-speaking MySpace users. Travis Katz, head of marketing at Fox Interactive Media, told CNET, “It’s really a testing phase for us, not something we’re pushing out. That phase normally lasts about two weeks, and then we move into what we call our beta launch.”

According to Katz, 1 million of the 90 million MySpace users are already located in Mexico and will be given an invitation to the new beta launch within a few months.

As for China, News Corp is working with a few partners and IDG, a private equity firm, to launch MySpace in China.

With less than fifty percent of the venture belonging to News Corp, the website will serve as a localized version of MySpace. The deal is still being negotiated and News Corp will have to adhere to China’s strict regulation of media content and sensitive material published on the website.


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