Mom-Centric Social Networking Site Raises $1.5 Million


New York-based, a social-networking site for mothers, has recently raised $1.5 million in a first venture capital round. The meeting was led by PointRoll CEO Christopher Saridakis and founder Jules Gardner along with entrepreneur Pat Croce, all whom are media and technology investors within MomJunction. Users on this site join online groups and coordinate schedules, exchange information, tips, pictures and trade items along with creating their own groups making it easy for moms to communicate.

Croce said in a statement, “MomJunction stands out against that backdrop as a unique online destination that offers the trust, security and word-of-mouth power all in one place.” Critical of social networking Web sites. The Web is filling fast with social networking ideas, most of which are about wasted time.” Though critical, Croce has a successful professional history. He’s received Inc. Magazine’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” award, has been an author, and is the creator of Sports Physical Therapists, while also serving as part owner and President of the Philadelphia 76ers.

MomJunction launched November 1st and has grown within its membership. Sang Kim, Founder and CEO comments on the Beta launch, stating, “beta program was phenomenal, in that real moms helped design some features and functionality. We also saw the model really work, with tips and recommendations exchanged and even some buying and selling among moms.”

MomJunction also allows mothers to connect to one another through a feature called Ripple. Through Ripple tips, questions, and discussions filter to other moms in a subscribers-trusted network.


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