IGA Gains Acclaim, Delves in Social Gaming


Today, in-game advertising mainstay IGA Worldwide announced an agreement with developer Acclaim Games to provide advertising for six massively multiplayer online titles, effectively transitioning the former company from the realm of power gaming into social gaming.

“This agreement expands the growth of our advertising network into social gaming, delivering a mass market to advertisers wanting to access the powerful engagement and proven effectiveness of in-game advertising,” said IGA CEO Justin Townsend in a statement. “This is the first of a string of announcements in this exciting new space, with well over 20 titles signed and due for launch over the coming quarter, bringing our total available reach in line with that of a TV network.”

Acclaim delivers several million impressions per day through its videogames, according to CEO Howard Marks, and expects to reach more than ten million impressions per day within the next several months. One of the games, BOTS!!, which launched last year in July, has more than 500,000 registered players in North America and Europe.

Acclaim’s titles are free to play and generate revenue through both advertising and the sale of in-game items.


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