GoFish Partners with Online Video Provider


GoFish, a YouTube-style video sharing company, has announced a deal to distribute videos from Omni Film Distribution, a company that distributes more indie fare including Fragments of Daniela and Another Trip to the Moon.

GoFish, which lets users upload and share their own videos, will give users access to Omni’s library of more than 1,300 short and feature-length films. This is the first time that Omni has distributed its movies beyond TV and DVD sales.

“Today’s agreement allows us to offer our selection of entertainment programming to a significant audience, one that is consuming increasing amounts of video content through the Web,” said Omni president Linda Cavato in a statement.

Both GoFish and Omni will split ad revenue from the sponsorship of each film. “The ability to make content available on demand through GoFish paves the way for content owners to generate entirely new revenue streams from the content they own and produce,” added GoFish CEO Michael Downing.


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