eStara Launches Save & Send Options for Directory Publishers


Online sales company eStara today launched a new program that will allow Web participants to send online classified listings, search results or online directories by using Skype, SMS, email, or fax. By adding the new features that will let buyers share information and prolong local searches, eStara adds to its existing business model of providing conversion options for online sales boosts and support.

An additional feature of this program is giving the customer will have the option of choosing what format to save their information in. Formats include Outlook address book, Word, PDF and browser bookmarks. From these options, advertisers will be able to track their ads and find out how effective they may be, or not.

According to the release, WebVisible/Nielsen reported that 35% of consumers will save listing information for the future, and one-quarter of customers will use the bookmark feature to save business listings. Furthermore, the study divulges that the “availability of recall is likely to lead to repeat or latent business based on a single search experience especially when 89% [of consumers] reported contact with a vendor a second time.”

John Federman, CEO, eStara, said in a statement, “Internet advertising is forcing marketers to rethink their online advertising goals, while complicating the task of measuring effectiveness. eStara’s Click Suite for Local Search — which power millions of advertisements around the globe, including listings for Cox Newspapers, Idearc, Yahoo! Europe and Sensis — ensures that local marketers are meeting their business goals, and are maximizing value from every ad.”

eStara’s new service will allow customers to share advertising with their peers within their preferred format. The company also claims that customers now have repeated access to their businesses of choice with options like Click to Call, Call Tracking, Save & Send, and Call Recording.



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