BBC to Explore Social Networking


In an effort to expand its online presence and have comparable properties to that of MySpace, the BBC has announced that it will soon provide social networking sites based on its more popular brands including Top Gear, Reuters reports.

While a spokeswoman for BBC said in a press statement that there is no current timeframe set, she confirmed that BBC Worldwide is in fact developing its online services over the next year.

Offering interactive sections, the BBC social networking division would also cater to other demographics who have shown interest in the network’s motoring show and BBC Good Food. “The teen part of this (trend) might have reached capacity, but there might be other communities that we could explore given the brand and our existing online presence,” the spokeswoman told Reuters, adding, “If appropriate social networking opportunities arise, then we would look at them very seriously, because it’s a growing area of business that we’re not particularly in at the moment.”

Following some heavy investment, BBC websites are now pulling in about 14.5 million users per month and with the online social networking growth, the UK stalwart is likely to further benefit.


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