Avenue A | Razorfish Enters Japan


With a heavy investment in Digital Palette, a subsidiary of Japanese marketing service Dentsu, Avenue A | Razorfish has all but secured its beachhead in the Japanese market.

The investment makes Avenue A the second largest shareholder in Digital Palette after Dentsu itself. Consequently, Digital Palette will now offer its digital marketing and consulting services under the name “Dentsu | Avenue A | Razorfish” starting February 1st.

Digital Palette has been looking for ways to expand its services. Since it launched in 2001, the increased demand for Internet-based digital marketing led the company to offer media buying and account services.

Meanwhile, Avenue A, an aQuantive company, and the largest interactive company in the US according to Advertising Age, has been gradually expanding its services overseas. The company recently entered Europe, Australia and China through new acquisitions, and has been looking to enter Japan. The Digital Palette deal gives Avenue A | Razorfish access to offices in Tokyo and Kobe.

Dentsu, Japan’s largest marketing company according to Avenue A, will be working with Avenue A to develop Digital Palette’s marketing services aimed at reeling in contracts from multinationals.


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