AOL Gets Super Bowl Fever


Once again, AOL will be hosting the annual Super Sunday Poll, which lets users watch and vote for their favorite Super Bowl ads on AOL Sports. The web portal will also be covering the big game with Sports Bloggers Live, AOL’s online sports radio program webcasting direct from Miami during Super Bowl week, live blogging during the game, regular sports columns, and highlight clips from previous Super Bowls.

“Gone are the days of staying glued to the television for game coverage,” said AOL Sports GM Neal Scarbrough in a statement. ” Instead, today’s sports fans are enhancing their game viewing experience by logging on to the Internet for additional video coverage and live blog commentary.”

AOL will begin the Super Sunday Poll right after the opening kickoff on February 4th. The results will be released on the following Monday. Last year’s top ad, Budweiser’s “Streaker,” generated 42 million streams the week after the game. Users will also be able to share ads with friends.

The Sports Bloggers Live will feature special guest hosts like NFL Real Talk columnist Jason “Big Sexy” Whitlock and sports podcasters the FanToo girls Carol Doroba and Robin McConaughy


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