Advertisers Turning to Consumers in Droves for Super Bowl Spots


Several prominent advertisers, including Frito-Lay, GM and the NFL itself, are turning to creatives generated by consumers to air during Super Bowl XLI in February.

GM will be running a Chevrolet spot generated through an ad creation contest for students last year. More than 800 students on 400 teams submitted ad concepts. The finalists flew to Motor City where they pitched their ideas directly to GM execs. The winners saw their ad through the production process.

The NFL will be running a spot generated through its “Best NFL Super Bowl Commercial Ever” contest. Late last year, the NFL put out a call for users to pitch their Super Bowl ad ideas. The winning entry will be produced.

While GM and the NFL will be getting ideas from consumers, the commercials themselves will be produced by a professional studio. Frito-Lay, however, will be running a Doritos ad that will be entirely user-created and selected from among the top five finalists in a contest where users both created the ads and voted on the best entries.

Full Super Bowl commercials aren’t the only ad-related initiatives being touched by users. Alka-Seltzer is tying to get users to come up with a new jingle which will be shown in a spot during the Super Bowl pre-game show. And one blogger is looking for a sponsor willing to provide 15 seconds of Super Bowl ad time to let him propose to his girlfriend during the big game.

The Super Bowl will air on CBS before an estimated 90 million viewers, and each 30 second TV ad spot is reportedly worth about $2.6 million. According to the New York Times, CBS is also toying with the idea of giving sponsors the opportunity to show their Super Bowl ads on the CBS SportsLine website as well.


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