AdOn Offers Re-Targeting


Keyword advertising company AdOn has released its new Advertiser Retargeting feature, which adds to the popup clutter, but lets advertisers communicate with and market to customers even after they have left a targeted website.

When users visit another site on the AdOn network, the system triggers a pop-under ad related to the advertising on the original site. AdOn is using invisible one-pixel image files to identify and track each user. That pixel tracks a user’s surfing habits on sites within the AdOn network so advertisers can serve additional pop-under ads to them over time. AdOn lets advertisers choose how frequently their ads are served.

“Advertiser Retargeting benefits advertisers by creating additional opportunities for them to communicate with customers that have already indicated an interest in their product or service,” said AdOn CEO Chad Little in a statement. “As a result, Retargeting increases brand recognition and ultimately improves conversions.”

AdOn can display both full page and image-based pop-unders targeted by user behavior, demographic, and site context. The company also recently added support for image re-directs, which can display ads hosted by the advertiser.


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