ABC Promotes “Knights” Through Mobile Channel


ABC has chosen MindMatics to develop and implement six different mobile voice cards to promote the network’s new comedy, “The Knights of Prosperity”. By sending a text message with the keyword JOIN1 to the short code 94444, promotion participants will receive a phone call from the “Knights” themselves, and can then sign up for a weekly newsletter with information on the Knights’ weekly agenda to “steal from the rich and give to the poor — us!”–the mantra that coincides with the show’s central theme and plotlines.

Darren Schillace, VP of Advertising and Marketing for ABC, said in a statement, “With ‘The Knights of Prosperity’, we wanted to give the viewer a true sense of participation with the characters and their plan to get rich quick. MindMatics is enabling us to extend that participation to viewers’ mobile phones, giving them even more personal interaction with the programming.”

In true integrated fashion, ABC is using webpage, on-air promos, outdoor advertising and mall giveaways to lead viewers to the “The Knights of Prosperity” mobile card execution.


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