Yahoo Study Closes the Loop Between Search, Display


With SES Chicago officially underway, Yahoo today announced the results of its new comScore-conducted Web-wide study, which measures the joint impact of display and search advertising campaigns. Coined “Close the Loop: Understanding Search and Display Synergy,” Yahoo’s study found that when search and display advertising are unified, they deliver profoundly better results than when used independently of each other.

According to Yahoo, the data revealed a significant lift in onsite engagement and an increase in online and offline purchasing by consumers who are exposed to integrated campaigns that utilize both search and display advertising strategies.

To complete its research, Yahoo and comScore culled results from actual Fortune 100 advertising campaigns in various verticals. Some of the more significant overall findings were that online users who were exposed to both the search and display advertising campaigns increased their share of page views relative to competitive sites by 68 percent, along with time spent by 66 percent. Additionally, among those exposed to both search and display ads, purchases of the advertiser’s products and services increased by 244 percent online and 89 percent offline compared to online users with similar behavior who were not exposed to these ads.

“This research clearly shows that search and display advertising, which are each very effective on their own, work more effectively in tandem,” said Greg Coleman, executive vice president of sales for Yahoo, in a statement. “Advertisers who approach their marketing holistically drive greater engagement, generate more purchases both online and offline and steal share from their direct competitors.”

Additionally, the study found that one method complements the other in that exposure to a display advertisement increased related trademark term searches–i.e. brand, company or product names–by an average of 26 percent during the campaign flight.


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