Yahoo News to Serve BBC Video


Yahoo has just struck a deal with ABC News, the North American digital distributors of BBC News videos in North America to let Yahoo News users access about 30 BBC News video clips each day.

Clips include top stories, U.S., world news, sports, business, politics, technology, health and entertainment. “We are pleased to bring the renowned journalism of the BBC to Yahoo! News, a leading online news service that reaches millions across the world,” said BBC Global News division director Richard Sambrook in a statement. “The demand for BBC content in the United States is growing all the time and we believe our expansion on new digital platforms is critically important to helping us meet that demand.”

The BBC distributed news to more than 200 countries around the world. In the first content sharing deal between a US network and an “international news organization,” ABC became the BBC’s official North American distributor of broadband and mobile content in January 2006. ABC is also providing content to Yahoo News.

All BBC video will be free for Yahoo users, supported by advertising.


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