Viewpoint Service Aims to Simplify Pre-Roll Video


Unicast, the online advertising division of the Viewpoint Corporation, today released its new InStream pre-roll advertising service, which aims to provide video publishers with hassle-free, seamless video ad placement prior to playback of online content. The new service works across all OS’s, browsers, and video players like Flash, Windows Media, Real Player, and QuickTime.

“With the explosive growth of opt-in online video programming, InStream video advertising offers a very effective means to build brand awareness for highly targeted audiences,” said Viewpoint CEO Patrick Vogt in a statement. “As a pioneer of pre-roll, Unicast understands the importance of providing publishers, agencies and marketers with a broad range of advertising solutions that leverage the latest in internet marketing technology, while retaining the flexibility to accommodate the unique needs of advertisers.”

The new InStream complements the custom pre-roll advertising already offered by Unicast, which plays advertising, but in its own separate player. InStream ads will appear as part of the publisher’s chosen video player.

Additionally, InStream will use Unicast’s Business Intelligence system to measure impressions, click-throughs and other user interactions.


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