VeriSign Unveiling Broadband Video Delivery System


Tech company VeriSign, which maintains two of the Internet’s root name servers for the .com and .net top-level domains as well as encrypted authentication for more than 3 million websites, has announced that it will be releasing a p2p-based broadband video service.

VeriSign’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a direct result of VeriSign’s purchase of the Kontiki p2p system in March and provides enough capacity to distribute DVD-quality video. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, purchases of online media will hit $67 billion by 2010. CDN will stream shorter previews and user-generated content, while longer ones will be distributed via p2p.

“One of the greatest challenges media and entertainment companies face is how to meet the growing demand for more Internet-based content in an economically viable and secure manner,” said Todd Johnson, VeriSign’s VP of broadband content services in a statement. “By leveraging the patented Kontiki peer-to-peer technology and the latest streaming technology, the VeriSign Intelligent CDN offers an end-to-end solution which enables our customers to choose the right viewer experience for each specific piece of content.”

Internet TV channel AxiomTV will be the first client to use the system, and will use it to deliver family-friendly, DRM-installed content. According to VeriSign, video distribution is 40% cheaper when using p2p as opposed to direct downloads, since peer-to-peer technology spreads bandwidth across many computers (or peers).

The Kontiki distribution system is already being used by clients like AOL and the BBC.


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