SilverCarrot Launches Affiliate Network


Performance marketing company SilverCarrot has entered the affiliate business with SilveriNet, a new affiliate network designed to give publishers and advertisers a new way to reach customers.

“SilverCarrot’s launch of SilveriNet fills an untapped need within the online advertising community,” said SilverCarrot CEO Allan Levy in a statement. “Web publishers and advertisers can work together to provide highly-targeted offerings to millions of receptive online users.”

Carrot’s SilveriNet keeps a library of more than 100 exclusive ad offers and promotions. Publishers choose the ones that work fit them the best and then post them on their sites, and will get paid when a website user successfully makes a purchase based on the advertised offer. SilveriNet monitors each campaign, and changes is according to online customer buying habits.

Submitting an offer to SilveriNet makes it available to all participating publishers, letting advertisers reach a wider audience. Real-time performance reports for each campaign are available to the advertisers through the SilveriNet website. Advertisers pay a small percentage when a user actually makes a purchase as a result of a particular promotion, and ultimately, the advertiser and publisher share revenue.


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