Right Media Ad Network Gets “Remix” Treatment

Inplace #2

The Right Media Ad Network has changed its name to the “Remix” Media Ad Network in an effort to give the business a fresh face to go along with new features like data-enabled targeting and campaign customizability. Remix Media will remain a division of Right Media, Inc.

“With the expansion of our service, we felt it was the right time to re-brand and clarify our unique position in the market,” said Garret Vreeland, Remix’s VP of media sales in a statement. “The combination of dynamic pricing, the auction-based approach to media buying and immense scale has consistently delivered powerful results for metric-driven marketers. The new Remix Media takes that efficiency to an even higher level.”

“Data-enabled targeting” lets advertisers target ads based on a user’s former action or interaction, which includes examples such as whether or not a user has opened a marketing email or whether they have seen a previous advertising offer.

Remix has been serving direct response advertising for three years, and contains a dynamic pricing model that determines the value of each impression and charges the advertiser accordingly.