Pixel Boy Strikes Again


22 year old British entrepreneur Alex Tew who made $1 million dollars selling pixels on The Million Dollar Homepage for a dollar apiece, and unleashed a legion of copycat pixel advertising sites, has unveiled his next get rich quick scheme: Pixelotto.com. Except this time he won’t be the only one getting rich.

Like the original pixel page, advertisers purchase small ads in blocks of ten pixels each. Visitors to the site are encouraged to click on ads and visit the advertiser’s web site. One month after all the ads have been sold, one ad will be selected at random, and one of the users who clicked on that ad will win one million dollars.

Unlike his first venture, Tew is selling each pixel for $2 instead of $1. The winner of the pixelotto takes home 50% of the ad revenue, while he pockets the rest. The winner can also designate a charity to receive $100,000.

The first pixel page was a one shot deal, but Tew hopes this new take on pixel advertising will have legs. After the first lotto ends, another one will begin. “This idea has longevity,” he said in a BBC interview. “I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to win $1m dollars, so I can keep doing it again and again.”


  1. From the FAQ:

    Is Pixelotto legal?

    Pixelotto is legal in the UK, where Pixelotto Ltd. is registered. If you are from a country other than the UK, it is your responsibility to know if it is unlawful in your jurisdiction.

    Who is allowed to play?

    Any individual can play as long as they are 16 or over, and as long as it is not unlawful in your jurisdiction. Companies, affiliates of Pixelotto, and advertisers on Pixelotto are not permitted to enter the draw, in the current round or any future round.

  2. Alsex will have a hard time filling this page with ads. He’ll succed eventually I think, but he certainly will not be able to do this again and again. Sure everyone likes to winn a million. But advertisers aren’t going to pay for pixels again and agein.

  3. Alex has no fear! It appears Alex prefers not to create a sustainable business entity. He’s looking to dip in, make some money and get out! A genuine and sustainable approach has already been created at http://www.pixaprize.com where the format appeals to all. I can’t believe Alex never used his popularity to do something along these lines.


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