Ingenio Brings Pay-Per-Call to JumpTap Mobile Search


Pay Per Call advertising company Ingenio has partnered with mobile search and advertising company JumpTap to provide pay-per-call ad listings within JumpTap search results.

When a user sends a search query to JumpTap’s custom branded system through their mobile phone, they are presented with pay-per-call ads along with the search results, letting carriers like Alltel, a JumpTap partner, generate additional revenue if the user calls that particular business from their phone.

Pay-per-call only charges the advertiser for the ad if the user initiates a call. “Mobile search represents the ‘last mile’ for advertisers seeking to reach consumers at the point of decision, and Pay Per Call connects the two when user intent is at its highest,” said JumpTap president Dan Olschwang in a statement. “By tapping into Ingenio’s substantial Pay Per Call advertiser base and technology, we can offer our carrier customers, and ultimately mobile subscribers, compelling content that will drive commerce on mobile platforms.”

Ingenio has been distributing pay-per-call ads since 2004, and the Ingenio network encompasses mobile as well as online directories. JumpTap hopes the partnership will help its carrier clients generate additional revenue and deliver relevant local brands to consumers.


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